A Year and Counting…

It’s the one year anniversary for Derailments of Thought. Time flies.

I had been writing book and game reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and BGG for a few years, but had in the back of my mind expanding to a space where I wasn’t as constrained by format or content. I’ve really enjoyed writing here, from my standard reading reviews to more varied posts about art, food, wrestling, etc. I posted 213 posts during the year (most of which were new writing), which boggles my mind.

Some pretty predictable breakdown stats:

~37% reading reviews (22% of total manga, 12% comics and 3% prose)
~26% wrestling related
~14% gaming related (10% boardgames, 4% videogames)
~12% mystery box reviews
~8% movie reviews
~3% other

I actually feel like the wrestling percentage should be higher, but that’s probably because those reviews tend to be much longer than the reading reviews so they compromise a larger portion of my actual writing than they do post count.

It’s been interesting / fun to write this year’s Japan Cuts reviews, as my reviews for last year’s festival were pretty much the first things I wrote for this.

Anyway, here’s to many more random ramblings from me to come. 🙂


So I stumbled upon an interesting link while perusing Twitter that led to a blog entry with the same title that I gave this one. The challenge at the end (as well as the blog itself) was both fascinating and terrifying, and this is perhaps the most difficult thing I’ve ever written.

I LOVE my determination to turn setbacks into opportunities.

I LOVE that I know the value of enjoying games and hobbies.

I LOVE my brain and the way it sees the world.

I LOVE my dry, twisted sense of humor.

I LOVE my love and appreciation for art.

I LOVE being a good friend.

I LOVE being able to face my problems with a blend of logic and empathy.

I LOVE being good with children, and my ability to make them smile.

I LOVE the peace I feel from music.

I LOVE that I’m taking steps towards lifelong dreams and goals.

I LOVE that I’m there when my loved ones need me.


I challenge everyone who reads this to write down how they love themselves today.

Now I’m going to hit publish before I succumb to my self-conscious impulse to delete this whole entry. Great exercise in acknowledging the positive though, which we should all do more often.